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French traditional furniture

It is always difficult to make a choice on a furniture style for your home and to recognize at first glance its material, its origin, style, and also the traditional know-how of wood craftsmen.

Until the end of the 19th century, each style of the regional dwelling had traditional furniture. 
What we call today rustic furniture, presents as many varieties as there are provinces in France. 

chest the oldest furniture 

The oldest piece of furniture is also the one that has changed the least, the chest is probably the first moving element of the domestic decor in all the companies we know but neither its general line, nor its manufacture, nor its decor, nor its The proportions have not changed much over the ages, until more specialized and elaborate furniture has replaced it.

This is a strong box, mounted on square feet or placed on the floor, and the movable top panel forms a lid, the hinges being fixed on the rear panel. 


10 Things you should know about Becoming an Interior Designer

interior designers

Do you love arranging furniture and decorating rooms? Do you always receive compliments the taste of your interior design? If that is the case then a career of interior design is the right for you. However, before you embark on a lifetime career in interior design, there a number of important things you need to equip yourself with about the world of design. The world of design faces a lot of challenges, some may excite you while others may not. On that note, let’s look at some 10 things you need to know about becoming an interior designer.

interior designers

1. An interior decorator and interior designer are two different people:

When it comes to interior decoration, literally anyone can become one. Interior decoration generally involves playing with fabric, colors, and textile. You can just become a decorator by simply printing and promoting business cards to your clients. You need some bit of educational background for you to manage this. On the other hand, interior design is a full course that needs an accredited bachelor’s degree in requiting for simply working in the field of interior design. For you to be a complete interior designer you must have completed your bachelors’ certificate and not just having the decorating skills.

2. Passion for design is key:

Becoming a designer may seem obvious but truth be told that you need an innate passion for spatial arrangements, color textile, and architecture. The first step in the success of your career is following your passion.

3. Interior design is not all about fabric and fun:

While color, furniture, and fabric may play a very significant role in interior design, there are many other things- that may not seem fun required of interior design. As a good designer, you need to be educated about the structural integrity of the building, history of design, spatial concepts, psychology, ethics, ergonomics, computer-aided drawing, building codes and much more.

4. Interior designers’ salary isn’t as high as you think:

After all such vast education, shouldn’t someone be paid well0? That may be a question lingering in your mind but it all depends. Research indicates that the median entry-level salary for an interior designer in the USA is roughly $42, 380 per year. Some of the factors that determine your salary include work, location, experience, size of the company/firm and education. An interior designer in a high-end architectural company is likely to be paid higher than one in a furniture firm.

5. You need to be a people’s person:

A good interior designer ought to be a mitigator or rather a person who can read the mind of a client. Someone who pleases people importantly steers his clients towards a favorable result while making them feel in full control of the entire project.

6. Portfolio of your work will do you good:

When it comes to interior design, a picture plays a picture says a thousand words. You can spend an entire day talking about textile and color but unless you have your own portfolio that showcases your projects and designs your success and an interior designer is far and few.

7. Interior design is very competitive:

The interior design market as a business is very competitive. For you to be successful you need to network and importantly make yourself noticed. As earlier mentioned, having a portfolio of your own will play a great role in marketing you. You need to stand out, have extensive knowledge about the field and importantly look at the future trends such as designing for elderly, population growth and importantly green design.

8. As a designer, you must equip yourself with local codes and laws:

As well-educated designer doesn’t avoid some of the crucial building codes and local laws. Some detail in regard to the subject might be boring but don’t forget them since they are required in the interior design. Learning about electricity, plumbing codes and load-bearing might not excite you but it’s required.

9. It’s not about your style but theirs:

In as much as designers might offer clients a variety of designs to choose from, it’s up to the client to choose what style suits him best. Simply because designers are educated and possess a good taste doesn’t mean that they have a superior taste over their clients.

10. Being organized while multi-tasking is necessary:

It’s important to note that as your success grows, so is the number of projects you have to do at a time. Therefore, while working on multiple projects overseeing a number of designs, details and decisions organization is key. Make sure you have enough time for you and everyone else.

What is Interior design?

interior designers

This is a phenomenal of how we choose to experience spaces. It has a very profound effect on how we live, play, work and plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives.

If your work place is functional, public spaces that are beautiful, and your home is comfortable these are all attributes of interior design.

The finest designers make this job seem easy by creating spaces that connect with our needs and emotions. However, to be a good interior designer there are certain skills and knowledge that you should acquire. Through the last century, interior design has significantly changed and is today a consideration of many people.

Today interior designers work with other professions including, artisans, architects, contractors, engineers, homeowners, and furniture dealers. To become the best you need quality education to be able to work with other disciplines. They include [decorative arts, light design, and graphic design]

interior designers

Moreover, as an interior designer you ought to have knowledge regarding:

  • Color, sustainability, materials, textiles, space planning
  • Computer-aided design [CAD] software applications for 3D and 2D and building information modeling [BIM]

Building codes, safety and health issues, structural requirements.

Career options:

In this field, there is a wide variety of career options. You may decide to seek employment, start your own business, or choose a specific skill on which you concentrate and specialize on. This discipline is expanding everyday and there are endless opportunities.

Residential design:

Professionals in this line of work deal with private homes, both existing and new homes. Others would choose to working with specific rooms including the bathroom or kitchen. The designers are also responsible for creating and planning closet spaces.

Commercial design:

The commercial designers are responsible for planning public spaces. These include private businesses and public buildings. Most of this professionals deal with these two but they also engage with banks, schools, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. The most important thing is having the necessary knowledge of how space put into good use is an advantage to the employees and customers.

Advantages of a great education:

The best place to get the right skills and knowledge is in school. This is the best and easiest way to succeed. Good education and credentials gives you the added advantage to compete in a challenging environment. You will easily catch the client’s attention if your resume speaks for itself.

Through education, you access internships with top firms and designers who have the right experience. In addition, you will make connections that will carry on throughout your career.

Many states are making it mandatory for interior designers to have a degree so as they give you a license to operate. You must also sit and pass a paper by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification [NCIDQ].

Clearly, you will require quality education, experience and be very creative in order to succeed as an interior designer.

Top 7 Best Interior Design Schools in the world in 2017

interior designers

When talking about interior design, it generally refers to a multi-faced profession that involves applying technical and creative solutions in order to achieve a built interior design environment. Interior design normally combines knowledge, problem-solving skills, creativity and aesthetic vision to come up with a safe, aesthetically pleasing and functional environment that is acceptable to the client. In the year 2017, a large number of interior design schools have come up focusing on studying it. Some knowledge they concentrate on equipping students with include design analysis, programming, space planning, building codes, interior construction, materials, equipment, and furnishings. On that note, let’s look at the top 7 best interior design schools in the world in 2017.

interior designers

1. Florence Design Academy, Florence:

This is the number interior design school located in the heart of Florence. Florence design academy is surrounded by historical structures and importantly offers some of the top quality education. This all because of the well trained and professional teaching staff that it has. Students in Florence design Academy receive advancements in State of art technology as well as the inner understanding of the vast discipline.

2. The interior design School, London:

A well renowned top interior design school in the world. The school is situated in the northern parts of West London. The major aim of the school is to provide its students with a real-life design studio and importantly provide them with skills which can help them survive in the practical world of design. The school curriculum is keenly monitored with a well-trained administration to ensure the standards of education are always high. There is always a close check on the interior design organization of the school.

3. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah:

The best interior design school in America. The school has a number of branches with its founding campus based in Savannah, Georgia. The school has other branches in Hong Kong, Lacoste, and Atlanta. Additionally, the school looks after 12,000 students from over 100 countries across the globe. SCAD is well-known to be using quality learning resources and cutting-edge technology which ensures students are always up to speed.

4. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York:

A New York-based school that has a success rate of 93% in as much as job placement of its students is concerned. The dedication and hard work that has continuously been put in place by the administration, students have gotten a chance to reach their full potential. The interior design faculty is filled with qualified professionals who challenge their students to pursue their passion and importantly attain accomplish meaningful pieces of art.

5. The Virtual College of Art and Design, Vancouver:

An interior design school situated in downtown Vancouver. The school offers a wide range of programs from game design to interior design. The school is always aimed at equipping students with skills that can be implemented in the practical world. This creates an opening to the job markets keeping in mind the use of lighting, space, and color.

6. Rhode Island School Of Design:

An interior design school situated between New York and Boston. The school offers cultural centers and lively art scenes. Moreover, Rhode Island school of design offers both bachelors and postgraduate programs. The interior design in the school is divided into the theatre, retail, and exhibitions to help students specialize in all the three areas.

7. Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London:

A school that offers the interior design course for three years. The school helps students develop skills such as visualizing and designing the space and creating them too. Additionally, the school also teaches its students complex spaces of architecture and importantly how to interpret them easily.

World’s Top 5 interior designers

interior designers

Who could have ever though the delicate and precise art form of interior design could take a bit of talent, and seemingly be a bit more complicated? Over this list, I will be discussing and shedding a bit of light on the world’s top 5 most talented and renowned interior designers.

interior designers

5. Jonathan Alder:

Jonathan Alder got his start from simple and basic beginnings, launching a simple pottery collection exclusive to Barney’s New York in 1993. And just five years later, he expanded into the art of interior design and home furnishings, while also opening his own exclusive boutique located in Soho Manhattan.
• Jonathan attended the Ivy League school known as Brown University
• He has released several helpful and inspiration books including tips for interior design
• A selection of his furniture designs are marketed at Neiman Marcus and other luxurious retailers.

4. Peter Marino:

Also known as a high-esteemed architect, Marino has derived a bit inspiration and design ideals from Renzo Mongiardino. It is stated that Marino’s various works really highlight the detail of basic wisdom; which can probably be attributed to his belief in the integration of both architecture paired up and contrasted with interior design.
• Peter Marino also happens to be a fellow and popular figure in the American Institute of Architects
• He founded the Peter Marino Architect PLLC in 1978
• He also attended the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

3. Rita Konig:

Rita Konig, a famed and celebrated interior designer also happens to be the daughter of a once-prominent and popular interior designer, Nina Campbell. Inspiration can start in many different ways I suppose, as Konig happened to grow up in a world of fine furniture and specific layouts and designs. She has also aspired to introduce others into the world of classic, sleek, specific and detailed designs. Even opening her own London based interior design firm, and even reaches out by giving advice to others via her own advice column House and Garden.
• Konig simply believes there is more than just how something appears in interior design, and that it should also appear “livable”
• She also serves a role as the European editor of “T” Magazine

2. Marcel Wanders:

Marcel Wanders is a famed interior designer of Dutch origin, that first gained the world’s view and attention with a simple knotted chair that later became iconic. The chair was viewed as a bit of an anomaly in the basic world of design. Not only is interior design the center of his intention and talented views, Wanders also has an interest into simple architecture.
• Wanders is also an art director in the Powerhouse Studio located in Amsterdam
• He was also a main influencer and designer of the Mondrian Hotel
• Some of his viewable work is located at the San Francisco museum of art, as well as the high museum of art.

1. Thad Hayes:

Thad Hayes is a New York based interior designer, and is appreciated for the calmness and simplicity of his designs as well as his sense of organization. Some famous clients who Hayes has worked for were known as both Evelyn and Leonard Lauder. Interior design became a key subject and interest to him in the early eighties, when he began working on homes that included a high tech industrial edge.
• Hayes owns his own interior design firm located in New York
• He graduated from the Louisiana Sate University School of Environmental design.
• House Beautiful has recognized him as both one of “America’s Most Brilliant Decorators” as well as “The Best of the Best”

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