Top 7 Best Interior Design Schools in the world in 2017

interior designers

When talking about interior design, it generally refers to a multi-faced profession that involves applying technical and creative solutions in order to achieve a built interior design environment. Interior design normally combines knowledge, problem-solving skills, creativity and aesthetic vision to come up with a safe, aesthetically pleasing and functional environment that is acceptable to the client. In the year 2017, a large number of interior design schools have come up focusing on studying it. Some knowledge they concentrate on equipping students with include design analysis, programming, space planning, building codes, interior construction, materials, equipment, and furnishings. On that note, let’s look at the top 7 best interior design schools in the world in 2017.

interior designers

1. Florence Design Academy, Florence:

This is the number interior design school located in the heart of Florence. Florence design academy is surrounded by historical structures and importantly offers some of the top quality education. This all because of the well trained and professional teaching staff that it has. Students in Florence design Academy receive advancements in State of art technology as well as the inner understanding of the vast discipline.

2. The interior design School, London:

A well renowned top interior design school in the world. The school is situated in the northern parts of West London. The major aim of the school is to provide its students with a real-life design studio and importantly provide them with skills which can help them survive in the practical world of design. The school curriculum is keenly monitored with a well-trained administration to ensure the standards of education are always high. There is always a close check on the interior design organization of the school.

3. Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah:

The best interior design school in America. The school has a number of branches with its founding campus based in Savannah, Georgia. The school has other branches in Hong Kong, Lacoste, and Atlanta. Additionally, the school looks after 12,000 students from over 100 countries across the globe. SCAD is well-known to be using quality learning resources and cutting-edge technology which ensures students are always up to speed.

4. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York:

A New York-based school that has a success rate of 93% in as much as job placement of its students is concerned. The dedication and hard work that has continuously been put in place by the administration, students have gotten a chance to reach their full potential. The interior design faculty is filled with qualified professionals who challenge their students to pursue their passion and importantly attain accomplish meaningful pieces of art.

5. The Virtual College of Art and Design, Vancouver:

An interior design school situated in downtown Vancouver. The school offers a wide range of programs from game design to interior design. The school is always aimed at equipping students with skills that can be implemented in the practical world. This creates an opening to the job markets keeping in mind the use of lighting, space, and color.

6. Rhode Island School Of Design:

An interior design school situated between New York and Boston. The school offers cultural centers and lively art scenes. Moreover, Rhode Island school of design offers both bachelors and postgraduate programs. The interior design in the school is divided into the theatre, retail, and exhibitions to help students specialize in all the three areas.

7. Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London:

A school that offers the interior design course for three years. The school helps students develop skills such as visualizing and designing the space and creating them too. Additionally, the school also teaches its students complex spaces of architecture and importantly how to interpret them easily.