What is Interior design?

interior designers

This is a phenomenal of how we choose to experience spaces. It has a very profound effect on how we live, play, work and plays a huge role in our day-to-day lives.

If your work place is functional, public spaces that are beautiful, and your home is comfortable these are all attributes of interior design.

The finest designers make this job seem easy by creating spaces that connect with our needs and emotions. However, to be a good interior designer there are certain skills and knowledge that you should acquire. Through the last century, interior design has significantly changed and is today a consideration of many people.

Today interior designers work with other professions including, artisans, architects, contractors, engineers, homeowners, and furniture dealers. To become the best you need quality education to be able to work with other disciplines. They include [decorative arts, light design, and graphic design]

interior designers

Moreover, as an interior designer you ought to have knowledge regarding:

  • Color, sustainability, materials, textiles, space planning
  • Computer-aided design [CAD] software applications for 3D and 2D and building information modeling [BIM]

Building codes, safety and health issues, structural requirements.

Career options:

In this field, there is a wide variety of career options. You may decide to seek employment, start your own business, or choose a specific skill on which you concentrate and specialize on. This discipline is expanding everyday and there are endless opportunities.

Residential design:

Professionals in this line of work deal with private homes, both existing and new homes. Others would choose to working with specific rooms including the bathroom or kitchen. The designers are also responsible for creating and planning closet spaces.

Commercial design:

The commercial designers are responsible for planning public spaces. These include private businesses and public buildings. Most of this professionals deal with these two but they also engage with banks, schools, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. The most important thing is having the necessary knowledge of how space put into good use is an advantage to the employees and customers.

Advantages of a great education:

The best place to get the right skills and knowledge is in school. This is the best and easiest way to succeed. Good education and credentials gives you the added advantage to compete in a challenging environment. You will easily catch the client’s attention if your resume speaks for itself.

Through education, you access internships with top firms and designers who have the right experience. In addition, you will make connections that will carry on throughout your career.

Many states are making it mandatory for interior designers to have a degree so as they give you a license to operate. You must also sit and pass a paper by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification [NCIDQ].

Clearly, you will require quality education, experience and be very creative in order to succeed as an interior designer.