World’s Top 5 interior designers

interior designers

Who could have ever though the delicate and precise art form of interior design could take a bit of talent, and seemingly be a bit more complicated? Over this list, I will be discussing and shedding a bit of light on the world’s top 5 most talented and renowned interior designers.

interior designers

5. Jonathan Alder:

Jonathan Alder got his start from simple and basic beginnings, launching a simple pottery collection exclusive to Barney’s New York in 1993. And just five years later, he expanded into the art of interior design and home furnishings, while also opening his own exclusive boutique located in Soho Manhattan.
• Jonathan attended the Ivy League school known as Brown University
• He has released several helpful and inspiration books including tips for interior design
• A selection of his furniture designs are marketed at Neiman Marcus and other luxurious retailers.

4. Peter Marino:

Also known as a high-esteemed architect, Marino has derived a bit inspiration and design ideals from Renzo Mongiardino. It is stated that Marino’s various works really highlight the detail of basic wisdom; which can probably be attributed to his belief in the integration of both architecture paired up and contrasted with interior design.
• Peter Marino also happens to be a fellow and popular figure in the American Institute of Architects
• He founded the Peter Marino Architect PLLC in 1978
• He also attended the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

3. Rita Konig:

Rita Konig, a famed and celebrated interior designer also happens to be the daughter of a once-prominent and popular interior designer, Nina Campbell. Inspiration can start in many different ways I suppose, as Konig happened to grow up in a world of fine furniture and specific layouts and designs. She has also aspired to introduce others into the world of classic, sleek, specific and detailed designs. Even opening her own London based interior design firm, and even reaches out by giving advice to others via her own advice column House and Garden.
• Konig simply believes there is more than just how something appears in interior design, and that it should also appear “livable”
• She also serves a role as the European editor of “T” Magazine

2. Marcel Wanders:

Marcel Wanders is a famed interior designer of Dutch origin, that first gained the world’s view and attention with a simple knotted chair that later became iconic. The chair was viewed as a bit of an anomaly in the basic world of design. Not only is interior design the center of his intention and talented views, Wanders also has an interest into simple architecture.
• Wanders is also an art director in the Powerhouse Studio located in Amsterdam
• He was also a main influencer and designer of the Mondrian Hotel
• Some of his viewable work is located at the San Francisco museum of art, as well as the high museum of art.

1. Thad Hayes:

Thad Hayes is a New York based interior designer, and is appreciated for the calmness and simplicity of his designs as well as his sense of organization. Some famous clients who Hayes has worked for were known as both Evelyn and Leonard Lauder. Interior design became a key subject and interest to him in the early eighties, when he began working on homes that included a high tech industrial edge.
• Hayes owns his own interior design firm located in New York
• He graduated from the Louisiana Sate University School of Environmental design.
• House Beautiful has recognized him as both one of “America’s Most Brilliant Decorators” as well as “The Best of the Best”